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Strategic Advisory and Marketing Co-ordination Services for Real Estate Owners

EquityVC Real Estate Advisory has launched a fresh concept to enable a property owner to quickly sell / rent his / her property with through professionalism and enhanced efficiency.

As knowledge partners and a professional real estate advisory firm, we represent the property owners and liaison on their behalf with other market participants like brokers, real estate consultants, buyers etc. to generate maximum possible leads and fast forward the properties clearance.

As our services involve a lot of micro-management, our focus would be only on residential & commercial properties in Koregaon Park and Kalyani Nagar of Pune.


Its not the same anymore . Till about half a decade back, property owners were privileged to be in a sellers market. In the last few years, the market has taken a complete reversal. Massively enhanced efforts are now required to sell a property.

Its not the same anymore . Till about half a decade back, property owners were privileged to be in a sellers market. In the last few years, the market has taken a complete reversal. Massively enhanced efforts are now required to sell a property.

We provide various personalised service add-ons that only a stake holder would care to work on such as marketing to brokers, stealth marketing, market audits etc.

Our package includes posting the property online on over 10 real estate marketing portals at our cost, reaching out to various market intermediaries, whatsapp marketing, e-brochure preparation etc.

We would also carry out marketing on facebook and instagram through a dedicated business page for the property as well as advertise at our costs and investment (subject to deal size).

Creating marketing collaterals using professional photographs and videos, content for reaching out to prospects on whatsapp, content for real estate marketing portals etc. requires a lot of experience and skills that we bring on the table when we take up the marketing of the property.

Our firm’s buyer side portal www.zerobrokerageforbuyers.com is a unique concept wherein we provide the full bouquet of end to end services to buyers without charging any fees to them. The buyers registered here would obviously be the immediate targets for the property that we are marketing.

We have a database of brokers and buyers with whom we work to enhance the awareness of the availability of the property. This enables whatsapp and personal marketing more effectively.

Every brokerage firm in the region would also be a encouraged to market the property to their prospective clients. This would enhance the awareness and visibility resulting in an enhanced interest and quicker sale.

Marketing a property now takes a lot of hidden efforts by an owner in the form of online & offline marketing strategies and their effective implementation. We carry this out on behalf of the owner. While real estate consultants (brokers) would carry out some of the functions required for the marketing, it is still not the same as compared to an owner reaching out to the estate consultants / buyers directly. Check out why here.

There have been regular instances of genuine properties identified by similar photos being offered at lower rates by real estate consultants to generate leads. Thereafter, they misguide the prospects by lying that the property is sold and instead offer other properties to the prospect.

Marketing a property effectively requires specialised knowledge and most importantly abundance of time, a resource that is always in short supply for anyone who has his / her own business to carry out. Let us do what we specialize in and let you have the spare time to do what you specialize in – a win-win for all.

To sum it in a few words - We do more than just take of the property, we service its owner.

About Us

The business is promoted by Mr. Tushar G. Shah, a Chartered Account by qualification and a prolific Investment Banker (www.equityvc.in) in the specialised field of Mobile Content, Telecom, Media and Technlogy (TMT).

Since 1992, Mr. Shah has had an illustrious list of clients – a few prominent ones being ESPN, CNBC, Disney, Time Broadband, Concept Group Telecom (Mauritius) etc.

Mr. Shah had made various investments in properties since the late 1990’s and therefore faced the reversal from the sellers market to the buyers market of the property business. This motivated him to come out with different strategies to efficiently market and sell his real estate investments that were decided to be liquidated.

Mr. Shah has therefore learnt the business hands on by actually implementing different strategies to sell / rent his properties. Being an investment banker, he analysed and outlined the most effective ways to quickly sell / lease a property.

Equirea is the platform that would take advantage of his extensive hands on experience for selling his own properties to benefit other property owners.

What We Do


Equireal comes in as a full service professional assistant to the property owner for proficiently performing the various functions required for selling a property.

The end result would be that the property would be marketed in a fashion and enjoy customer reach similar to the big builders. This would generate an immediate enhanced interest resulting in a quick sale / rental of the property. Our team diligently works towards the sale / rental of the property within three months from the commencement of marketing.
It would take around a fortnight to a month to prepare the property for commencement of marketing. Therefore, it would take not more than four months from the date of signing the property marketing contract with us.

A few of the functions we carry out on behalf of the owners are listed below:

  • 1. Cosmetic Improvement Advisory.
  • 2. Taking professional photos.
  • 3. Creating a property features brochure.
  • 4. Pricing advisory through comparisons with previous deals and property market values.
  • 5. Research on previous deals of matching properties and extracting documentary evidence such as the official registration document etc.
  • 6. Preparing the price reasoning document based on the value worked out mutually on the basis of market factors and the deal urgency.
  • 7. Featuring the property accurately and in detail in over a dozen property listing websites.
  • 8. Promptly broadcasting the availability of the property to more than a hundred active local brokers etc.) and buyers.
  • 9. Aggressively co-ordinating and liaisoning with real estate professionals and buyers on behalf of the owners – owner themselves may find it difficult to do this as it would compromise their bargaining powers.
  • 10. Creating facebook and instagram profiles for marketing as well as promotion on social media platforms.
  • 11. Featuring the property in real estate exhibitions and trade shows in which we participate along with other digital marketing.
  • 12. Co-ordinating the property inspections with prospective buyers.
  • 13. Lead generation on www.zerobrokerageforbuyers.com
  • 14. Lead generation through notification forms.
  • 15. Various other services from time to time as per the requirements of the moment.
  • 16. Mischief Management by keeping track of fake listings by market intermediaries offering the property at lower prices for lead generation.

Exclusive Features

Specially dedicated professional service always available at your time and convenience.

Dedicated mobile instrument and mobile number.

Whatsapp access on windows, if desired.

Co-ordination for legal and other statutory matters.

Co-ordination for home loans for the buyer and other financial matters.

Parallel Owner Marketing Benefits

Properties that have been directly posted by owners on real estate portals get a better traction from both buyers as well as brokers.

Real estate consultants or brokers generally prefer to deal directly with the owners as it is more lucrative for them. If a buyer is represented by a broker, it is more likely that they would present a property in which they would get brokerage from the sides - the buyer’s side as well as the seller’s side. This, therefore increases the prospect of a sale as compared to having a different buy side broker and different sell side broker.

Our attempt would be to reach out to each and every property consultant / broker with the information on the property to be marketed enabling a direct relationship with most of the brokers who are directly representing a buyer.

Further, some prominent brokers refuse to deal with other brokers as the brokerage would have to be shared.

Therefore, by marketing the property as an owner, the chances to sell / rent increase dramatically.

Cosmetic Improvement Advisory

The aesthetic appeal of the property to be sold is of great importance to strike a quick deal. We would as a part of the package of our services, provide suggestions and fixes to improve the aesthetics without incurring major costs. Sometimes just a coat of paint, deep cleaning or changing the placement of the furniture would enhance the aesthetic appeal of the property majorly.

We use the services of Ms. Saloni Daru, an independent designer empanelled with us, for a better presentation of the aesthetics of the property. In terms of experience, Ms. Saloni has worked with Pinakin’s - one of the topmost designers of India that have designed premium addresses of top-notch clients like Rajiv Bajaj, Harsh Goenka, Ratan Jindal etc.

No additional charges would be levied by us for this service. The service professionals would be engaged directly by the owners of the properties and compensated directly by the owners.

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Reach out to us on + 91 84216 47269 or mail us on info@equireal.in

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